Horst-Lucian Becker


  • Born 18th of February 1946 in Schlesien
  • 1957–1962: Youth Choir at the Music High School in Berlin
  • 1962–1963: Trumpet Lessons
  • 1982– 1985: Self taught studies of music in the disciplines: Trumpet
    Dance Training: modern dance and african dance
  • 1985– today: Member of groups with different styles playing trumpet and percussion.
  • 1984–1996: Percussion Teacher at the Music-School Neukölln in Berlin.
  • 1986–1988: Participant in a Rhythm Training in Berlin with R. Flatischler.
  • 1986–1988: Participant in a further education: " Rythmische Erziehung" at the "Akademie Remscheid".
  • 1988–1996: Several journeys for musical study to West Africa und Cuba.
  • Breathing-Therapy according to Ilse Middendorf.



  • 1995–1998: Participant at several clowns-seminars and workshops, such as Barbora Donk in Berlin and Didier Danthois in Amsterdam.
  • 2000–today: Clown Perfomances at many different venues.
  • 2001–today: Tap Dance Lessons with Pamela Nagel, Thomas Fletcher and Chr. Toberentz and various workshops with other teachers.
  • Street Performances in many European places from Madrid to St. Petersburg.
  • 2007: Self taught study of juggling.
  • March 2007: 4 weeks Guest Student at the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg (faculty clowns, puppets and marionettes)
  • Since Easter 2010: The new production: “Lucianos Follies“
  • July 2010: Participant at a workshop near Litomysl (CZ) with Jurij Vasiljev: “Voice and Movement”
  • Since August 2010: Study as a pantomime in Berlin with Jörg Brennecke


Information and Contact:

Horst - Lucian Becker, Nehringstr. 5, 14059 Berlin/Germany

Tel: +49/(0)30-32 10 35 03

Mobil: +49/(0)1577/346 10 42

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